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This documentary was on TV last night (4/6/16) I've seen it before and came across it by accident last night.  The title of the documentary is "My dad is a woman" however the doco is not about the the daughter at all - she gets a couple of minutes in a 45 minute story that talks about the lives of two transgender women - both are still living with their families - the "wives" are there but watch what happens when someone asks them what they remember of their lives before the change.

This trailer introduces the documentary that Colin and I watched the afternoon before we went for our walk.  I remember saying at the end of it how hard it must be to live in the wrong body.  I had no idea just how close to home this was about to be.  The full version of the documentary can be hired or bought by going to if you would like to see more.

A US website that I have come across that has a variety of information for families with a trans parent.  It's a bit hard to work out exactly what they do from the website but if you think you may benefit from looking at this information there is also an email address that you can address your personal questions to.

An Austraian Website with  a variety of information for families living with Transgender and same-sex parents.

This link will take you to the resources page of the Student Wellbeing Hub - part of the Safe Schools resources.  If your child is experiencing bullying or has concerns about their gender then seek out the information provided here.