I'm home

So another exciting few weeks. It's been just over a month since my book launch and in that time I have officially become "retired", moved house and re-established myself on "the island".

When I moved to the suburbs a couple of years ago to be closer to work I had pretty much convinced myself that I wouldn't be going back to Philip Island anytime soon. Of course my mum and my daughter still live here but I had found going there even for the day quite unnerving.

Early in May my mum became quite unwell and spent nearly four weeks in hospital. When she came out I stayed with her so she could recover and still stay at home. She has done really well and is back on her feet and doing all the things she did before she went into hospital. Over that time I found myself remembering why I had moved here in the first place. The open skies, the freshness of the air, there is nothing that quite matches living so close to the sea.

You may have read that I had intended to travel to the UK this year, the idea was that I would sit myself in some beautiful 400 year old cottage and write my little heart out for a month or so. However a few weeks ago it occurred to me that I could in fact do that very thing here and for a much longer period if I could just find the right spot. This realisation came late on a Sunday night (less than 2 weeks ago), I went to the internet and trawled through some very uninteresting places and then stumbled across a little cottage that looked perfect.

On Monday morning I drove by, it was empty so I stopped and walked around, looking through the windows and all the time oohing and aah-ring at each room as I looked in. I called the agent and clearly this was meant to be as she was available to show me around. That afternoon I filled out the application form and at 9am the next morning at was mine. I moved in on Thursday.

So here I am back on the island and in a little cottage, with big windows that let in the sun, a delightful verandah and a short walk to the beach. With any luck I will sit here and write, successfully promote my book and hopefully continue to do this for a long time to come. Fingers crossed :)

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