Thank you

Saturday was an extraordinary day. I was incredibly nervous and struggled to think straight most of the morning. Up until after twelve the night before making cakes and then up early in the morning to make scones... I wanted there to be plenty of food. The kids helped me pack the car with all the bits and pieces. I'd had to write a list just to be sure I didn't forget anything and the two boxes in my bedroom were on top of the list.

By the time I got to Turn the Page people were already there and I was walking through a crowd of people, some I hadn't seen for many years. I was so thrilled to see them and there were big hugs all round. Emma laid out the food and drink and then there I was being introduced to everyone by Lois.

The local radio had set up some microphones and we were being recorded. I sat down with Lois and without thinking any more about it I proceeded to tell my story and explain why I had decided to write my book.

I felt very comfortable sitting there among friends and family. The people I didn't know seemed equally interested and so I nattered on for quite awhile. There was plenty of laughter and the time went quickly. As we finished our chat Lois suggested I could sign some copies and so I take out the beautiful pen that my friends at work had given me for that very purpose and before I knew it I was a published author signing her books!!!

It took me quite a while to come down from the high and later that day when we sat around to eat the (enormous amount of) leftovers we had a great chat about how each of us had been affected by Colin's change and again there was lots of laughter. I think that was the best part of the day; seeing the funny side of things.

Thank you to everyone who came, thank you to everyone who bought a book, I have a feeling this is the beginning of something quite wonderful.

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