The Other Woman

ISBN- 978-1-925447-66-8​


A regular walk along the beach and a simple conversation turns the perfect marriage upside down and starts a ride that continues today.

I never believed that my husband would leave me for another woman but when Anne arrived on the scene my husband disappeared and with him our happiness.  This isn't your traditional tale of infidelity though; you see, in this story the other woman was a part of our marriage all along.  I just didn't know it.

This is a true story. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

An insightful book to read standing as evidence that actions leave innocent people in their wake...   Chris Pearson      

Take the time to read "The Other Woman" it's a great read, funny, sad and an honest account of how one persons feelings and actions can disrupt so many other lives. Hopefully it will help other people in a similar situation. Great job Kylie.          Toni Baker

wow what a story... and it's your story! After reading this book I am exhausted for you... No words are enough to describe your strength and courage.... you left me wanting more!!!      Marie Haifa

All week I have been trying to find the words to explain how I feel after reading this book. All I have been able to come up with is Love. Kylie Jones... What an amazing thing you have done. To put your story down on paper and out into the world is one of the bravest things. You are an absolutely amazing woman. You, your three girls and your mum are so strong.  The Other Woman is an amazing read about the journey Kylie and her girls have taken. The strength is just amazing.                          Nikki Masterton

Read it, LOVED it Kylie! So proud of you, your beautiful girls & your wonderful mum xx      Kay Johnson Sicurella

Kylie what an awesome book. You are so strong I really admire your courage and the wonderful bond you have with your girls now and especially dealing with it all.  I love that this is YOUR story and I dearly hope it has helped you and the girls along the road of change by writing your book. Congratulations and well done you deserve all the accolades and rewards and happiness that come your way      Sandra Wills

I cannot imagine that moment in your life when you were told. I admire your achievement of getting through this time, but also to write about it with the hope that your story will help other people going through the same turmoil to realize that they are not alone at this time in their lives & most importantly that they can & will make it through it all with the challenges that they face. I am honored to be a friend.    Don Masterton 

WOW KJ what a wonderful read. It is such a compelling read and a great social commentary of the times, I couldn't put it down once I started to read it. Well Done Warrior Woman! 
Chris Lynch