About the author:

In March 2015 my eldest daughter Rachel gave me a ticket for a writer's workshop.  The presenter, Andrew Jobling, delivered an inspirational workshop about becoming an author.  This is something that I'd wanted to do from an early age and with his help I have achieved that in just over a year.  Although I never expected my first book to be an autobiography, I do hope it will be the beginning of a new career in writing.

When I was growing up I remember every school holidays I would buy a new set of pens and a pack of lined paper and get ready to write.  I would set myself up at the kitchen table and away I'd go... for the first day.  By the end of the holidays I would be no further ahead and I would return to school disappointed and wait for the next school holidays.

As I got older, married and then had children I would think about writing every now and then but I just never seemed to have the time.  For years I listed "Writing the Great Australian novel" as one of my hobbies in my CV with no real plan to ever get started.

One of the things you're told about writing is that you should write about what you know.  I never imagined that my own experiences would be the topic of my first book but here it is.  What I will do now is learn what I can about the next topic and continue to write - with luck and a lot of determination this is my new career